SPLAT Biomed Superwhite Toothpaste with Coconut

SPLAT Biomed Superwhite Toothpaste with Coconut

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Gentle whitening

Fluoride-free, vegan-friendly

• 98%+ natural

• Free from: fluoride, chlorhexidine, triclosan and other strong antiseptics, SLS/SLES, parabens, aggressive whitening and abrasive components.

Whitening toothpaste BIOMED® Superwhite with natural coconut oil and papain for gentle whitening of sensitive tooth enamel.

A healthy shiny white smile will become your calling card!

Papain and bromelain remove dental plaque and gently polish the enamel.

The combination of coconut oil, cinnamon extract and thyme essential oil provide antibacterial protection and unique spicy taste.

Natural antiseptics have an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effect.

Contains vitamins E, K, PP, carotin.